Grafedia Calendar

Ogni anno, Grafedia realizza
un calendario in edizione limitata,
che viene distribuito in librerie selezionate.

Ecco tutte le edizioni fin qui realizzate.

2020    Love to Live

Once upon a time

There was a boy

That loved you to death

But with so many fears


In spite of best intentions

His love was full of tears


The boy became a man

And he still cares about you


He wants to love to live



Also with you

2019     A Naked Thinking Heart

wholly myself

i come to you entirely

without a distance

between being and acting


no guilt

no shame

no sin


a perfect naked thinking heart

2018    In Love In Vain

Love as we know it

It doesn't exist


It is an illusion

Maybe an hoax

And if I look closely
I can see the pain


Of all the time spent

In love in vain

2017    The Unskilled Gardener

It’s a bud

that has just broken

through the earth


And I fight

with the desire

to nurture it

and the fear

of suffocating it


With the desire

to possess it

and the will

to preserve it


Divided between

the infinite faith

that underlies all expectations


And the impatience

in imagining it

already grown


With the ever present

fear of failure


With the doubt

of not knowing

what to do



With the dread

of not knowing

how to love


2016    A Preposterous Love

I deem

with great dismay

that before nightfall

the already large swarm

will be increased



I would like to be

the only one

to have been nourished

by a preposterous love


2015     The Epic Enterprise

“Are you ready

For the epic enterprise?”

”It is almost impossible,

Will we be strong enough?”

”I’m utterly sure,

We will reach the top”


We passed forests,

Deserts and glaciers

But day after day

Your faith collapsed

And finally you said:

“I have to stop”


And only in that moment

I sadly realized

You had always been wearing

A pink pair of flip-flops



2014     The Last Great Romantic

At the precise moment

You are showing off

The evidence of your love

(A skilled performance,

I admit)


I mainly would like

You to show me






2013     What Is It?

While I'm swinging

between everything and anything,

I ask myself:


What is it

that sometimes I feel so clearly

that I can almost touch?



if it is not love,

it looks like the same

Grafedia Calendario 2013

2012     Whispers and Screams

Who will ever hear

the stabbing scream

of a smashed heart

in the happy ending machine?

Grafedia Calendario 2012

2011     It's a Very Deep Sea

I would like to know

If the man who says

“I can’t live without you”

Ever really tried


To live, I mean

Grafedia Calendario 2011

2010     Wednesday 9 a.m.

“I love you to death”

“I will always love you”


Then the “alwayses”

Become “nevers”

And we really die a little



Grafedia Calendario 2010

2009     If You Could See Me Now

Grafedia Calendario 2009

My heart is beating

But not for you


It should be fervourless

Without you

2008     The Fair Copy

Grafedia Calendario 2008


I need two at least


One as a draft,

Not to show

Like a trophy


The other,

Written in calligraphy


My fair copy


2007     One Day in Some Part of the World

Grafedia Calendario 2007


for an instant

I didn't think

about you



don't be alarmed


It was

just a moment

2006     A Window Pain

Grafedia Calendario 2006

I can’t discern

True from false

Dark from light


I catch a glimpse

Of the ghost

That I fight


I just can’t tell

A raindrop

From a tear


I called it love

But it was

Mostly fear


2005     When All is Said and Done

All that I sense

Is the wretched leap

Of some paper tiger


Because the truth is that

When all is said and done

Everyone has his tormentor


And adores him

Grafedia Calendario 2005

2004     For Its Absence

We don’t suffer

For Love

We suffer

For its absence


We don’t die

For Love


We die

For the Love

That isn’t there

And for all that

Has never been

Grafedia Calendario 2004

2003    Is There Life on Earth?

Grafedia Calendario 2003

It’s the same old story

and everyday it is renewed;

always feigning astonishment

always delegating choices.

Pretending to say “no”

when “yes” is shouted loud

every day and every moment

in the silence of a room.

Swarming ants

to save the time,

with open limbs

but locked hearts.

Places always empty,

places always full,

where to be allowed to live

must be able to escape

and where the major risk

is not to find a park.

Running shadows,

ever vacant looks;

but there is always a goal

to bring us up.

Hungry men

of a bulimic generation,

generate starving beings

with swollen bellies.

Crowds with arms on heads

and crowds adoring the white,

orange men

or men in black;

but, after all,

what difference does it make?


And then,

Is There Life On Earth?


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